Ugrow fellows Ugrow Fellows
2018-19 UGrow Fellows (left to right): Kerri-Leanne Taylor, Barry Williams, Koi James
ugrow fellows ugrow fellows
2018-19 UGrow Fellows: (left to right): Stephanie Lane Sutton, Lilianne Lugo Herrera, Alexandria Morgan, Ashley Hemm
ugrow fellow ugrow fellow
2018-19 UGrow Fellows: Maria Esquinca; 

Welcome to the UGrow program!

The UGrow program (Graduate Opportunities at Work) was established in 2015 to address the problem of providing professional training and preparation for humanities and social science PhD students interested in careers other than tenure-track faculty positions. After completing their PhDs, UGrow fellows have gone on to jobs at Georgia Tech (lab coordinator at the Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center) and postdoctoral fellowships at UPenn (Council on Library and Information Resources fellow), FIU (also CLIR), and Georgia Tech (Brittain fellow in writing and communication), among other positions.